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December 2008 Town Council Meeting Minutes

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December 4, 2008



Roll Call:

William J. Woodrum, Council President, Present

Mike Russell, Council Vice-President, Absent

Michael L. Selch, Council Member, Present

Cheryl Russell, Clerk-Treasurer, Present


In Attendance:

Harold Blake, Town Attorney                           Beth Russell

Don Perry, Town Marshall                                Tom Eggers

Mark Basham                                                   Tina Eggers

Teresa Basham


The meeting was called to order by the Council President at 6:07 P.M.


Minutes from the last meeting were discussed.  Mike Selch pointed out that the word “with” needs to be added on page five, first paragraph, line 5.  With that change, the minutes were approved.


Billy presented the water and sewage ordinance that Harold rewrote.  Mike S. made a motion to accept the water rate ordinance on second reading, and Billy seconded.


Billy made a motion to accept the sewer rate ordinance on second reading, and Mike S. seconded.  The ordinances will be approved in January.


Billy asked about additional appropriations.  Cheryl said that she has already sent it to the paper and posted it, and it needs to be signed.


The Board discussed the 2009 Council Meeting dates.  They were approved.


Harold brought up the trash contract; it is usually discussed this time of the year.  Cheryl will pull the contract to discuss at the January meeting.


Billy said that it looks like Bruce Holder has removed the horses from the property.  Harold suggested that Donnie send him a letter to thank him for complying with the Council’s request, and then we can consider the issue resolved.


Mike Selch told the Board about an e-mail he received from IACT.  He has been speaking with them about small towns being included with big cities.  There needs to be

some separation between the two.  He is looking into a free on-line workshop that he thinks would be beneficial.  Mike will forward more information on that.



December 4, 2008 Town Council Minutes

Page 2


Mike S. also provided some website statistics.  In October, there were 161 visitors on the website.  In November there were 193 and they viewed 488 pages.  There have already been 18 on the first two days of December.


Mike S. asked if anyone has found anything with the Town seal.  So far, no one has been able to find anything.


Mike S. also asked how we are coming along with the capital assets to get the Fire Station done.  Cheryl has the ledgers and will contact Sandy.


Billy gave Donnie a list of about 6 properties that still need to be cleaned up.  Donnie will be re-contacting them.  They have been given plenty of time.


Tom Eggers had a question regarding the water and his sprinkler system.  He is considering opening his building back up, but he is concerned about the increased water rate with the sprinkler system.  He doesn’t think it’s fair that he has a dry sprinkler system, but has to pay the same $40.00 per month rate as those who have a wet sprinkler system.  He went on to explain the difference in the systems.  Harold said that the Board could provide a different rate per month in the ordinance for a wet system versus a dry system.  He could rewrite the ordinance to say that there will be a $40.00 per month charge for a wet system, and a $10.00 per month charge for a dry system.  Tom thought that would be a fair amount, as did the Board.  Mike S. made a motion to reconsider the ordinance and Billy seconded.  Mike S. made a motion to amend the water rate for fire suppression systems such that it would read for each such system there shall be a flat fee of $40.00 per month for a wet system and $10.00 per month for a dry system.  Billy seconded.  And so it passed as amended on second reading.


Tom Eggers informed the Board that he has purchased some music for the 175 Celebration DVD.


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 6:48 P.M.




William J. Woodrum, Council President


Mike Russell, Council Vice-President


Michael L. Selch, Council Member




Cheryl Russell, Clerk-Treasurer

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