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February 5, 2009 Town Council Minutes

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February 5, 2009



Roll Call:

Michael L. Selch, Council President, Present

William J. Woodrum, Council Vice-President, Present

Mike Russell, Council Member, Absent

Cheryl Russell, Clerk-Treasurer, Present


In Attendance:

Harold Blake, Town Attorney                          

Don Perry, Town Marshall                               

Mark Basham, Water Superintendent                                                   

John Berry, Fire Chief

Woody Woodrum

Wilma Williams

Dave Phelps                                        


The meeting was called to order by the Council President at 6:04 P.M.  Minutes from the January 8, 2009 Board Meeting were approved with the following changes:  on page 3, “hook” should read “hood”; on page 4, “Dough” should read “Doug”.


Mike S. opened the floor for citizen input.  Dave Phelps voiced his concern over the new water rates.  His bill was more than double what it had been, and he wanted to know if it would be increasing again next year.  Mike said that the rate would remain the same for a while.  He also told Dave that the Town did not raise the rates as high as what was recommended.


The Board discussed the Clean-Up process and decided to review things in the spring after all the snow and ice is melted.


Mike S. asked where we were on the sewer monitoring system that Doug has been working on.  Mark said that the flow meter is in and working fine.


Mike asked if anything else has been done on the fire hood at the Fire Station.  Mark said that nothing has been done yet because we are trying to find somebody with a metal break.  Mike suggested making a trip to Apex in Indianapolis.  Also, we could contact CF Jones to find out who did the hood work and if they would be willing to bend it for us.  Mark said that he gave John the manual at the last board meeting.


Mark Basham spoke regarding a possible holding pond, which has been discussed previously.  According to Jeff Peters, with the stimulus plan that is supposed to be passed by the President, there should be around six million dollars in a state revolving fund with zero percent interest loans, with two million dollars earmarked for water in Indiana.  This


February 5, 2009 Town Council Minutes

Page 2


is something to look into that will save a lot of money in sludge hauling.  Doug is going to check with the state to see if this is something that we could possibly do.


Mark also said that he was going to have Tammy look on-line for possible grants for funds to possibly purchase the ground by the park and put in some nature/walking paths.


Donnie presented the Board with a special order that explains when police officers are supposed to wear a reflective vest or coat when directing traffic, etc.


Cheryl told the Board that she really likes the new software.  It is very user friendly.


Harold presented the Board with a first draft of the emergency water usage descriptions ordinance for drought conditions.  There needs to be 3 places in town where we would post this, in addition to the web page and newspaper.  Cheryl said that she didn’t know if we could post it at the Post Office, but she usually posts at the Town Hall and the bank.  There is also a blank in section 3 for how much the fine for each day of the violation would be.  He was going to suggest $50.00.  This doesn’t site specific restrictions; it is the mechanism by which the Council President could declare an emergency, then there would be the process for citations to be issued, and then the fine.  Along with this, we need a resolution of some kind that would list restrictions such as which days of the week watering flowers would be allowed, no washing cars, etc., and no filling swimming pools.  Hopefully people would understand the circumstances and comply with preserving the water.  Some of the grants that we are hoping to get require this type of an ordinance.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:24 P.M.



Michael L. Selch, Council President



William J. Woodrum, Council Vice-President



Mike Russell, Council Member





Cheryl Russell, Clerk-Treasurer   



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