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May 11 2009

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April 2009 Town Council Meeting Minutes

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April 2, 2009





The April 2, 2009 Town of North Salem Council meeting was called to order by Council President Mike Selch at 6:01 pm.




Mike Selch – Present

Billy Woodrum – Present

Mike Russell – Present




Mike Russell made a motion to approve the March 2009 minutes as written; Billy  Woodrum seconded the motion.  The vote was unanimous to approve the March 2009 minutes.




  1. Mike Russell wants to build a garage and needs to schedule a BZA meeting for May for 6:00 pm.  He will send appropriate notices to neighbors and Cheryl will advertise BZA meeting in local newspaper.
  2. George Ford wants to build a house.  The Town has a road easement through 2 lots that he owns.  Cheryl will draft a letter that the Town will swap the same number of feet from the existing street easement to the southern most edge of Mr. Ford’s property to relocate the street easement.  Mr. Ford will need to obtain new legal descriptions of the properties at his own expense.
  3. Stacey Clore spoke about the mannequin in the window of the old greenhouse.  Billy said there had been numerous complaints.  Donnie said that he has checked into this situation and there is nothing that can be done.




  1. Clean-up Notices:  After much discussion, it was decided to re-visit this subject in May.
  2. Municipal Code Questions:  It was decided to visit this subject at next month’s meeting.




  1. Tom Bredeweg – IACT:  Mr. Bredeweg was in attendance to speak about IACT and the importance of membership.  The dues are expensive and the Board decided not to renew membership (around $500-$600 per year).  Mr. Bredeweg stated that our membership has been extended to July at no charge to us.  He went on to state that IACT is not part of State government; works for cities and towns.  They have an inquiry service and an attorney on staff and many other benefits available to members.  Harold Blake voiced his concern about how the roundtables that are held don’t have any thing in common with North Salem.  Mr.


Council Minutes – Page 2




Bredeweg will work on setting up a roundtable discussion in North Salem next month with surrounding towns of the same size.  Mike Selch will contact Dick and Jeff Thompson to see if they can attend. 

  1. Bill Harrington – Parks Board Discussion:   We are looking to set up a Parks Board here in North Salem.   Mr. Harrington presented a packet from Indiana’s Parks & Recreation and explained the process of putting this together.
  2. Ordinance Codification:    Mike S. and Harold have been working on bringing our ordinances up to date, which is state mandated.  American Legal Publishing can put our ordinances in chapter sections and bring them up to date for approximately $4,000.00.  Mike S. will set up a meeting for them to come out and give us an accurate estimate.
  3. Pre-Budget Meeting:  The Board scheduled a pre-budget meeting for Monday, May 11, 2009 at 6:00 p.m.
  4. Homeland Security Letter:  Mike received information from the Department of Homeland Security, which put him in contact with Brian O’Neal, a former planning and permit board head.  He will be coming out on the 8th to meet with Mike to go over information that might help save us money and time with the upcoming Parks Board project.
  5. Capitol Assets Ledger is done.  Mike had them copied at Kinkos and mailed certified mail.  It was a lot of work and documentation but it has been accepted.
  6. Doug has submitted the application to renew the permit for the land. 
  7. Emergency Water Ordinance – 2nd read.  Needs to be published two times.  Billy W. made a motion to accept Ordinance 2009-4; Mike R. seconded.  Ordinance passed unanimously.
  8. FEMA is remapping the county for flooding.  Town has one or two places that could possibly flood; town needs to participate.  Mike S. will contact for more information.
  9. Hendricks County Foundation will be giving no grants this year because of the economic situation.  They will have a dinner April 30th and are requesting that everyone who received a grant last year attend and provide a display (not mandatory) – $25.00 per person.  Mike S. has 175 photos from Old Fashion Days 2008 which he will provide for this display.
  10. Mike S. spoke on the “TEA (taxed enough already) Parties” being held April 15th.  There is information on line if interested.
  11. May 2nd is the NS Alumni Banquet @ 6:00 pm.
  12. May 7th is National Day of Prayer.  This will take place at the NS Community Building.




a.  Town Marshall – Don Perry


            No  Report






Council Minutes – Page 3




b.  Water and Street Superintendent – Mark Basham


Mark stated that the drain pan has been fixed.  He checked with the County of the ditch on Vine & McKinley Streets.  The County only takes care of the pipe and it is up to the property owner to take care of the erosion. Also, curbside heavy trash pick up has been

scheduled for Tuesday, May5th and notices will go on water bills.  Mark would like to put a “spring letter” together to go to town residents regarding new park benches and recycling containers and reminding residents when he flushed hydrants.  Mark also stated that he wants to keep the old garage.  He and Doug F. will paint and replace boards and maybe garage doors.  Mike S. told him to get whatever he needed.


c.  Clerk-Treasurer – Cheryl Russell


Each year the town donates $100 to Tri West Post Prom.  Mike R. made a motion to continue and Billy W. seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.


d.  Town Attorney – Harold Blake


Presented a $50.00 check from the Masonic Lodge for payment on their outstanding water bill.  Mike R. made motion to accept and close the account;  Mike S. seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.


e.  Council Member – Mike Russell


Spoke on property where owner has ignored clean up notice and the fact that there are now varmints inhabiting the area (skunks).  Harold will look into what other options are available.


f.  Council Vice President – Billy Woodrum


Spoke about property on North end of town in regards to issues regarding wood chips and cut trees stopping up the ditch.  He has contacted the County and they are currently investigating and want to know if Town Council is willing to write letter on this issue.  Mike S. told Billy to go ahead and put letter together for Board Members to sign.


g.  Council President – Mike Selch


Mentioned that they have made available a police report for Dave Moreland but he has not picked it up.  Also stated that he and the entire Board think that Marshall Perry is doing a good job.




There being no further business, Mike S. made a motion to adjourn the meeting; Mike R. seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 7:37 pm.




Council Minutes – Page 4



The next Council meeting will be held on Thursday, May 7, 2009 at 6:00 pm.





Michael L. Selch, Council President



William J. Woodrum, Council Vice-President



Mike Russell, Council Member








Cheryl Russell


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