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November 2009 Town Council Meeting Minutes

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We apologize for the ‘delay’ in posting these however there were “amendments” made to the November Minutes at the December meeting and these could not be approved until the January meeting, which was postponed due to lack of quorum.

Mike Selch



November 5,  2009




The November 5, 2009 Town of North Salem Council Meeting was called to order by Council President Mike Selch at 6:03 pm.




Mike Selch – Present                ____________________________

Billy Woodrum – Present          ____________________________

Mike Russell – Absent  ____________________________




The October 2009 meeting minutes were approved as written.




  1. There was no citizen’s input.




a.  Discussion was held regarding town insurance currently through Porter Insurance.  Dan Power, representing Fleece\Power Insurance, was in attendance, and spoke regarding current policy information and how he is presenting us a new quote based on our current policy.   One concern he had was with the issue of Public Official Liability and any outstanding claims that might still be or need to be reported, which would possibly necessitate a need for “tail insurance”.   Dan asked Byron Porter if there was this type of insurance on our current policy and he said no.  This tail insurance would cost about $700 per year or $1,642 for five years; the retro date on our current policy is 1994.  At this time there are no unknown prior acts or outstanding claims.    If we think there might be a claim that has not been brought forth yet, it would be money well spent to buy a tail.  If any Board member is aware of any situation that could lead to a claim it must be submitted in writing by that Board Member. 


It was also discussed that one of the reasons that Porter’s policy is higher, according to Byron, was due to the fact that the town has had insurance claims over the past couple of years which, obviously, raised our premium.  Billy suggested we wait until next year to see if our premium goes down.


Byron then said that they came in about $1180.00 higher than Fleece\Power Insurance; he spoke with his underwriters and came down as much as he could.    Billy asked if the insurance policies from both companies were about the same; Byron said that Fleece\Power includes flood and earthquake; Porter’s cannot buy flood insurance – but the town is in the program for county flood insurance and individuals in town can purchase this type of insurance.  Byron also said that he bumped up the deductibles and changed coverage a bit to reduce the premium.  The policies are comparable with the Fleece\Power insurance premium being lower, however the markets could change next year.



Town Council Meeting Minutes – page 2


After much discussion, it was Billy’s suggestion that we wait and put out for bids next year before our renewal date.   Mike S. said he wants all three board members to discuss before a decision is made.


b.  Small Town Dispatch Fee – Donnie said there was going to be a meeting the week of November 9th to hopefully get some answers.  He said some of the smaller agencies met at Pittsboro Town Hall and they were all in agreement that we don’t have a problem paying something, but that they cannot submit an invoice after budgets have already been set and approved.  In addition, more information\clarification is needed on what exactly constitutes a “run or incident” and what we are billed for.  We’ve seen two agreements but they are worded differently.  There are different charges and we all have many different questions. 


c.  Police Car – Donnie cancelled the order on the Ford (spoke to two different people); someone even called him back to confirm the cancellation.  Donnie asked if anything else was needed and they said no.  The dealer owner told Donnie later that no one he spoke with was authorized to cancel orders.  Billy asked if we had anything in writing, and Donnie said no.  Harold mentioned he needed clarification on dates and asked for a copy of the order he faxed originally.


d.  Billy mentioned that they are still  having problems with at least two 4-wheel drive trucks on the north end of town speeding on California Street and Ladoga Avenue.


e.  Billy asked if we had to have markings on the new police car and Donnie said that as long as he is in uniform when he makes a stop, etc., he does not have to have identifying marks on his car.  It was decided not to have them put on.




a.  State Board of Accounts – conducted an examination this month (for years 2007 & 2008); everything went quickly and efficiently.  There was a payroll problem with checks being written one day earlier than should have been making an overage occur in the salary ordinance and they recommended that money being reimbursed.  Harold Blake said that it does not make sense to reimburse and amend the salary ordinance when it will balance out in 2009.  We were also written up for being in the “red”; however, they know that we have raised rates and are aware of the problem.  Also mentioned was deposit records from 1939, however, nothing can be done for something that occurred in 1939.  Mike S. asked if we were in line with salaries, etc. and she said yes and commended us for having good bookkeeping.  Overall it was a great audit.


b.  A new contract for Doug Clodfelter was presented; same price with no changes except dates. 


c.  175 Committee would like to add a page to the town website and they will pay for this change.  We are averaging about 250-280 hits per month.    Also, ham and bean supper will be November 14 from 5-8 pm at the Community Building.



Town Council Meeting Minutes – page 3





  1. Harold Blake – Town Attorney 

No Report


  1. Water and Street Superintendent – Mark Basham


Mark reported that he and Doug F. will be starting to put in the sewer lines at the park and also working on the falls here in the next few weeks; he hopes to have toilets put in next spring.


      c.  Clerk-Treasurer – Cheryl Russell

            No Report





There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:46 pm.


The next Council meeting will be held on Thursday, December 3, 2009 at 6:00 pm.





Cheryl Russell


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