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Sep 14 2010

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August 5, 2010 Town Council Minutes

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AUGUST 5, 2010



The August 5, 2010 Town of North Salem Council Meeting was called to order by Council President Mike Selch at 6:01 pm.



Mike Selch – Present           ____________________________

Billy Woodrum – Present   ____________________________

Mike Russell –  Absent      ____________________________



Billy wanted a correction made to the July minutes; he stated that he did not say he does not support having a Deputy Clerk Treasurer; he said he does not agree with the funds in the budget for the Deputy Clerk Treasurer.  Approval of minutes tabled until September 2010 meeting after correction made. 



a.  Woody Woodrum asked about clean up letters.  They have not been mailed because the list Billy supplied did not specify which ordinance(s) were being violated.  Becky Compton asked what would happened if properties are not cleaned up and it was stated that there are different stages beginning with fines.  John Gossett wanted the board to be aware of a tree on West Street, north of Gene and Tinie Kisner, that is out over the street and needs to be trimmed or cut down.  Mark stated that he would be cutting it down. 



a.  Codification update – nothing to report at this time.

b.  Update Ordinances – nothing to report at this time.

c.  Insurance Alliance Risk recommendations update – merry-go-round is coming out because insurance won’t cover it under town policy.



a.  Mike S. spoke about the 175 Committee and Old Fashion Days joint meeting scheduled for August 10th at 7 pm.  Frank Walker will be speaking about WWII during Old Fashion Days; 175 will have old time games and water melon seed spitting contest.  They will also hold a silent auction for the painting that was done by Bob Fishback and also the hand made afghan donated by Betty Wing. 

b.  Mike S. asked if the waste water dialer had an inspection last year.  He stated that the state of Indiana wants digital dialing installed  and this would cost about $2,000.00.

c.  Budget for 2011:  noted that it needed to be advertised by August 23rd and 30th; Public Hearing held on September 2nd; Adopt budget on October 7th.   

d.  Billy mentioned that there still is a problem with speeders in town, kids on golf carts, kids on horses in town.  He did speak with Donnie on these issues and they will be addressed.  Donnie did say that he would be setting up the speed limit machine at different places around town.    Billy also wanted everyone to be aware of the election taking place in town on Saturday, August 14th, for Clerk Treasurer and one Council position.    Billy also asked if the budget was approved last month.  Cheryl told him no, that the Salary Ordinance was approved.  Mike S. mentioned that it was approved by a 2 – 1 vote.  Billy wanted everyone to be aware that for the third year in a row he did not agree with the amount of money in the budget set aside for the Deputy Clerk Treasurer. 


Ric Scrimager asked if Mike R. voted on the Salary Ordinance and Mike S. said yes.  Ric Scrimager said that the Board should look at this from an ethical stand point.   He also stated that Mike R. should excuse himself from voting.  He also mentioned that the Board should look at amending the golf cart ordinance and limit the use of them.  For example, limit their use between 2 am and 4 or 6 am.   After much discussion, Harold Blake was asked by Mike S. what his opinion on the matter was; Harold stated that there is no state statute against it; if Mike R. were to recuse himself, and there was a tie, the Clerk Treasurer would have the vote to break the tie.   Tom Lyle mentioned that it is different especially for towns like









August 2010 Minutes – Page 2



North Salem with less than 3,500 in population.  The bigger cities and towns have drafted their own ordinances.  Ric said that the issue of ethics is a fundamental issue and should be looked at by the Board when voting directly effects the financial aspects of that person.  Tom said that it would be hard to draft an

ordinance like this in North Salem because everyone is related to each other in some way or another.   Mike S. applauded Ric’s participation and is very grateful for his willingness to learn and find out about things. Terry Woodrum asked if water rates would ever decrease and if the salaries have anything to do with the increases.  Mike S. said that we are doing okay currently; other towns are facing rate increases.  Water and waste water by state law must support themselves; 1/3 of the salaries (Town Board, Mark, Mark’s assistant, Marshal, etc.)  comes from the water; 1/3 comes from the waste water and the remaining comes from the tax base.



a.  Ric thanked Mark and Doug for the water line repair they did. 

b.  Mark said that Old Fashion Days would like to put in a side walk next to the Town Hall where the stone is at the moment.  Old Fashion Days will be covering the cost of this.  Billy made a motion to give permission for this, Mike S. seconded.  Motion passed.  Billy asked if anyone had contacted Mark about asphalting the alley between Tommy Eggers’ building and the Methodist Church.  Mark said not yet; but there is a huge drain that would need to be raised if the Methodist Church decided to do this.  Mark also mentioned that he would get a price on the ladder lock for the water tower and report back.



There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6.37 pm.  The next Council meeting will be held on Thursday, September 2, 2010 at 6:00 pm.





Cheryl Russell


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