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May 5, 2011 Town Council Minutes

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May 5, 2011


The May 5, 2011 Town of North Salem Council Meeting was called to order by Council President Mike Selch at 6:00 pm.


Mike Selch – Present                           ____________________________

Rebecca Compton – Present              ____________________________

Mike Russell – Present                        ____________________________


Mike S. asked if there were any additions or corrections for the April minutes; there being none, Rebecca made a motion to approve; Mike R. seconded;  motion passed unanimously.  


a.  Re-Evaluation of Town Buildings is ongoing; should be completed within the next 30 days.

b.  Drainage issue of Harris and Cosby ongoing.

c.  Clean up – Workshop has been set for Tuesday, May 17th at 6:30 pm.  Will also address communications at that time.

d.  E-Manage Tech & Connect Broadband – could be a possible source of income for the town.  Need more information on this before we proceed.

e.  NSPD – we put a bid in on a Crown Victoria from Town of Clayton; was not accepted.  The car sold for $3,000 to a police department in Arkansas.


a.  IACT – Banking Legislation:  new laws on banking and the inability to deposit  large amounts of money.  Does not affect us at the moment, but could possibly if we were ever to receive a large grant.

b.  Hendricks County Communications – Dispatch Fee:  Meeting was held at Trustee’s office today at 1:30 pm.  We were told that they planned on the Town and the Township (since 2009) paying $12, 900 in dispatch fees.  There is possible legislation making this a taxable entity so that the County would fund; currently this is an unfunded state mandate.   They now want individual communities to pay something for this fee.  We will discuss what we can pay at the workshop on the 17th.   The Trustee is also trying to figure what she can pay.

c.  NSSB – they installed a new sign, but the lots need to be re-platted and zoned commercial.  This involves vacating an alley  that runs north\south between the parking lot and the empty lots.  Mike S. made a motion to vacate the alley with the understanding that they (NSSB) will be responsible for re-drafting the legal description for that parcel as well as the Town will retain the rights to any utility easements of record.  The Town can send a letter to the Planning Commission stating that the Board voted to vacate the alley and if they need an actual ordinance that can be taken care of in June.   Rebecca seconded the motion; motion passed unanimously.

d.  Dog Control – Ordinance Development:  Mike S. gave the Board examples of ordinances from other towns to review; this ordinance will include having animals on a leash  and also making dog owners responsible for picking up their animals refuse.  After much discussion, Harold stated that he will develop this along with fines and fee schedule and have something for next month’s meeting. 

e.  Traffic Fines Ordinance:  Mike S. gave the Board a sample that he had adapted for North Salem.  After much discussion, Harold stated that he will draft  an ordinance and list all violations and fines associated with each violation and have something for next month’s meeting.

f.  Fees and Wording on old Municipal Codes:  need to update wording of our current codes. 

g.  Codification:  Harold suggested that we let American Legal compile our code book;  once this is done we can review it and Harold can decide what ordinances were added or repealed, etc. and then we can do one full update and we should be good to go for 10-20 years.   We should not lock in to any long term commitment at this time; Mike S. said they are willing to work with us on the wording of the contract.  Mike S. asked for a motion to proceed with codification agreement, signing the contract and committing to the cost of $4,500.   Rebecca made a motion to proceed with this; Mike R. seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.

h.   Tom Goode –Double Wide:  deadline for compliance was April 19, 2011.  We received notification from the County Planning Commission that Mr. Goode received his first inspection on the building and his footing and foundation was approved in March and he now has until April, 2012 to complete his project.

i.  CDBG Focus Funding – Officials training in Bainbridge has been postponed.  Not sure when it will be rescheduled.  Mike S. also mentioned information he received from Becky Skillman regarding an energy grant that can be applied for to be used for an energy audit.  Mike is gathering more information on this.

j.  Mike S. announced that  Beth and Cheryl would be attending a Clerk Treasurer’s  workshop later this month and that he, Beth and Cheryl would also be attending a budget workshop later this month.

Mike also received notification from our website host that he would be changing his server and  we won’t be able to post items until the changeover is complete some time next week.


a.   Mark mentioned that he is getting quotes for resurfacing a couple of streets in town.  He also reminded the Council that  Short Street was made a one way street several years ago but it never really worked.  He asked if while they are resurfacing, should we widen that street and also should we make it one way again and install new signs, etc.   After much discussion, it was decided to make it one way again and install new signs, etc.  It was not necessary to widen at this time. 

Mark  also asked if he should get quotes for new speed limit signs for the side streets and the Council gave him the okay.  Mark also mentioned that he received pricing to replace all street signs in town and it looks to be between $2,000 and $2,500 which includes new posts as well.  Mark will also check federal regulations on how the signs are supposed to read (upper case or lower case or both).

As mentioned before, Mark is obtaining quotes to resurface a few streets in town.  Wabashaw Street between McKinley and West Street needs to be milled down and paved; all of McKinley Street needs to be redone.  Also, some patching on Short Street by the bank.  Mark asked if the Council would drive around town and see if there are other areas they think should be considered. 

Mark mentioned that the merry go round has been ordered.   There was discussion on what to do with the old one.   It was suggested to put it up for bid and have sealed bids accepted from September 2 – September 5 (around Old Fashion Days) and the highest bid gets it.  Harold said that a motion would have to be made to have the old merry go round declared surplus property to be disposed of by way of sealed bid.  Mike R. made said motion;  Mike S. seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.    Mike S. will take a photo of it and notices will go out in the water bills.

b.  NSPD – Mike presented a report on behalf of John Berry.  John has been doing some ride alongs and working with other police departments in Hendricks County.  He is taking pre-basic classes and has been going through files in the Town Hall and trying to get organized.    There has been some thefts in town and he is keeping up with the County on these cases. 


 a.  Bill Roche, Superintendent for Hendricks County Parks Board, handed out the Board’s  “Master Plan”  on a reusable thumb drive to all in attendance and gave a small presentation on Hendricks County Parks, including McCloud Nature Park.  He said they have great comments on this park and a great deal of program participation and visitors.  Last year the park had 32,000 visitors; in 2006 there were 10,000 visitors.  He mentioned that if North Salem could put together a tri-fold brochure on the town including businesses and cafés, etc., they would be more than happy to hand this out. 


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:39 pm.

The next Council meeting will be held on Thursday, June 2, 2011 at 6:00 pm.



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