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September 1, 2011 Town Council Meeting Minutes

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September 1, 2011


The September 1, 2011 Town of North Salem Council Meeting was called to order by Council President Mike Selch at 6:02 pm. 


Mike Selch – Present              ____________________________________

Rebecca Compton – Absent    ____________________________________

Mike Russell – Present            ____________________________________


Mike S. asked if there were any additions or corrections for the August minutes; there being none, minutes were approved unanimously as written.  


a.  Clean up – Mike S. updated everyone about issues with a few properties in town.  The owners of these properties have been contacted regarding ordinance violations.  One property on Pearl Street was not sent a letter; Mike S. will suggest to Mark Basham that the weeds on the sidewalk be sprayed.    Most of the properties written up have made significant improvements thus far.  One property on Ladoga Avenue has not made any progress.  Mike S. asked for any suggestions.  Should we send another letter?  How do we want to proceed?  Mike R. suggested another letter.  Harold suggested they take the next step in accordance with the Ordinance.   

b.  Utility Bills Recovery & Abandoned Property Procedures – Harold will check the status of our ordinances and how they are written.  

c.  NSSB – well pleased with paving that was done.  They are still working with an engineer about possibly adding a second drive through window.   The road will be posted as one way.  

d.  Dog Control – We need to officially appoint our Animal Control Officer which will be Doug Frazier.  We have several properties in town that are in violation of this new ordinance; one place reported to have at least 20 cats.    Hendricks County Animal Control has supplied some residents with live traps and they have caught not only cats, but possums, coons and whatnot.    Mike S. asked if we have a situation reported from either Doug or other people, where there are more than animals on a property, do we send a notice to the property owner or how do we proceed?  Harold stated that the Town Marshal would write a citation to the home owner for the violation.  Then steps are taken according to the ordinance until the home owner is in compliance.

e.  Traffic Fines – Verbal warnings have been issued; new citation books need to be ordered  to reflect Hendricks County Court.  Josh Butler will be taking his test tomorrow and begins ILEA training on the 12th.  Marshal Berry’s training will begin the 20th.    He has arranged for coverage for the town while completes his training.

f.  NSPD Vests –  Vests are in.  We have received the invoice and by October we are supposed to receive ½ the cost back from the Dept. of Justice…so in theory we only have to pay for one.

g.  NSPD Squad Car – new tires and wheel have been installed.

September 1, 2011 Board Meeting Minutes – page 2


a.  State Board of Accounts – they have completed their audit of 2009 and 2010; report will be received electronically in a few weeks.  There are a few items that will need to be addressed including deposits and bond payment procedures.   Mike S. stated that the Board needs to approve a “Deputy Clerk” list.  Mike S. submitted the names of Cheryl Russell and Tammy Lasley and made a motion to list them as Deputy Clerks;  Mike R. seconded; motion passed. 

b.  Mike S. stated that the 2012 budget has been submitted and advertised.  He then asked for any public input; there being none, the budget will be voted on and approved at the October Board Meeting.

c.  Mike S. mentioned the possible establishment of a Resolution for a Rainy Day Fund.  We have been told that “yes”  we should have one; and at another time that “no”  we should not have one.  After much discussion, Harold suggested we wait until the Annual Conference and see what guidelines are included in the official handbook.  Beth also mentioned that the State Board of Accounts Auditor said nothing during the recent audit about us not having a Rainy Day Fund. 

d.  Old Fashion Days – no outstanding items to report at this time.


a.   It was noted that both Mark and Doug were not in attendance; Mike presented a report to the Board from Marshal Berry.


a.  One citizen in attendance asked about the NSPD and had a few questions.   He asked if the County was going to be covering the town while Marshal Berry and Deputy Butler were gone.  Mike S. stated that yes the County and Ron Kneeland would be assisting us.  Also, the citizen asked about why NSPD was not out on Saturday evening, but running radar on Sunday morning.  Mike S. stated that the Board leaves it up to Marshal Berry to set his hours.  He is only paid for 30 hours per week, but puts in many more hours than this.  He is out for school each morning, and each afternoon and patrols most evenings during the week.  He had additional questions, and both Marshal Berry and Deputy Josh Butler addressed these issues with the individual.  This citizen also asked if the town was picking up big limbs and trimming trees in town; he has a tree on his property that he would like to be trimmed.  Mike S. suggested that he speak with Mark Basham.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:50 pm.

The next Council meeting will be held on Thursday, October 6, 2011 at 6:00 pm.



Beth Russell


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