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Apr 12 2012

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March 1, 2012 Town Council Meeting Minutes

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March 1, 2012


The March 1, 2012 Town of North Salem Council Meeting was called to order by Council President Mike Selch at 6:00 pm.  


Mike Selch – Present               ____________________________

Rebecca Compton – Present    ____________________________

Mike Russell –  Absent                        ____________________________


Mike S. asked if there were any additions or corrections for the February minutes; there being none Rebecca made a motion to approve as written; Mike S. seconded.


a.  Clean Up – cases are still pending with Hendricks County.

b.  Utility Bills, Examination and SBA – tabled until new code is examined.

c.   Rainy Day Fund – tabled until more information is received.

d.  Department of Justice –  still awaiting payment in the form of ACH to our bank account.


a.  Hendricks County Parks Run – Mike stated that the date for the Park2Park Relay would be held June 16th this year and that they would again be coming through North Salem, only this year instead of beginning at McCloud Nature Park, this will be the ending location this year. 

b.  IACT – no legislative update yet; hope to have something next month.

c.  NS Municipal Code Book – Harold reviewed proposed changes and gave recommendations.  With regard to surcharge ordinance as part of Ordinance 2-2008, he had language in Ordinance 2009-1 and 2009-2 that repealed those temporary surcharges.  A formal motion was made to strike section 50.22 Monthly Surcharges from the Municipal Code as presented to us by the Compiler for the reason that they are no longer effective because of Ordinance 2009-1 and 2009-2; so moved by Rebecca and seconded by Mike S.   In addition, there were a couple of typos where the word “vote” should be “voter”.  Also, Ordinance 2004-1 (updated vacation policies) was not included and will be sent; and under 10.05 – Rules of Interpretation and Definitions – under Clerk Treasurer the word “Council” needs to be removed.  All of these changes will be noted and returned to American Legal Publishing.

d.  Reserve Deputy Update – Mike mentioned the applications that he currently has on file.  He stated that at this time he plans to continue “contact letters” and keep files on possible Reserves but with budget constraints we do not have funds to help produce more Reserve Officers.  The possibility of Grants for this purpose may become available and at that time he believes we should do what we can. 


a.  Mark Basham – suggests that we have curbside heavy trash pickup in April.  It was decided on the last Tuesday of April – the 24th.  Notices will go out in March and April water bills.  Mark also mentioned that the insurance company says that the old slide at the park is not in compliance.  It is in good shape structurally.  Mark will call the representative to discuss.  Rebecca asked about the new street signs and if we still plan to get new ones.  Since our budget was cut so much this year, Mark suggested that he and Doug take some stuff in to be recycled and put that money towards new signs.  Mark will investigate and report back next month.

March 1, 2012 Minutes – Page 2

b.  NSPD – Marshal Berry presented the Board with his report for February and had a few additional tickets that had been written.  He also mentioned that he and Josh went to Indianapolis for e-ticket training.  They need to purchase an air card for the in-car computer in order to begin issuing e-tickets.  He will get with Beth and have a conference call soon with AT&T to get this done.  John also mentioned that the squad car will need two new front tires.  He also mentioned that when writing tickets, we do not have the choice of running them through Hendricks County Courts; this is why they are run through Brownsburg Court.  The Judges are the ones who decide this. John also mentioned that we are still waiting on the approval for Josh for his VA compensation (GI Bill).  With this the Town will be getting 10 additional hours work from Josh, but we are only responsible to pay him for 20. 

c.  Beth Russell – presented the Board with a request from Tri West Post Prom for donation.   Always in the past we have given them $100.00.  Mike made a motion to again donate $100; Rebecca seconded.  Beth will send check next week.


a.  Tom Lyle asked about the town’s liability as far as the “abandoned” fertilizer plant on McKinley Street.  He is concerned about the tanks on the property.  Someone suggested contacting IDEM.  After much discussion, it was decided that the town would write a letter to the owner and asked what their intentions were with regard to the property and go from there.

8.  OTHER:

Mike wanted to remind everyone of the fact that because of the Easter holiday and Holy Week Services,  the April Town Council Meeting will be held Thursday, April 12th, at 6:00 pm.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6:43 pm.



Beth Russell, Clerk-Treasurer

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