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Sep 04 2014

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August 7, 2014 Town Council Meeting Minutes

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The August 7,  2014 Town of North Salem Council Meeting was called to order by Council President Mike Selch at 6:04 pm.


Mike Selch, President – Present                                 ______________________________________

Rebecca Compton, Vice President – Present                ______________________________________

Mike Russell, Member – Present                 ______________________________________

  1.  MINUTES:

Mike S. asked if there were any additions or corrections for the July 2014 Council Meeting; there being none, minutes were approved as written.

    1. Water Pressure System for School – Mark now has all the equipment he needs to perform a pressure test.  He will contact the school in the next few weeks.
    2. Utility Rates – Mike S. made a motion to close this item for now; Mike R. seconded; will re-visit next year.
    3. NS Signs – Rebecca is still researching company to do signs for Park; she will meet with Mark sometime in the next few weeks to see where they should be placed.  The handicap parking space in the front of the town hall is done; Tinie Kisner volunteered to paint a new sign for the Waste Water Treatment Plant and Mark will get her the materials she needs.  This new sign will also have the address of the WWTP.
    4. d.     Salary Ordinance – the 2015 Salary Ordinance was presented; Mike S. made a motion to approve as written; Rebecca seconded.
  2. 5.       NEW ITEMS:
    1.  Tree Maintenance – Mark is talking with a couple of tree trimmers to help identify the trees that need to be taken down immediately; he will also get quotes and use the best one.
    2. Old Fashion Days – We have received the  “Release of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement” form for the zip line they are scheduled to have during Old Fashion Days; we now need a Certificate of Insurance (must have) for the festival for 2014.  Beth will contact Porter Insurance to see if this is available. 
    3. Budget Workshop – the Council members and Clerk Treasurer held a budget workshop on July 24th.  It was determined that due to the Circuit Breaker Tax Credit (over $26,000.00) our General Fund would have a shortfall of approximately $13,000.  Because of this, we need to make some major cuts to our General Fund to make up for this short fall through the end of December 2014.    As of right now, the Council proposed that we reduce the amount we pay the Town of Plainfield for Dispatch Fees; in addition, the hours for the Deputy Marshal will be reduced to eight per week (down from 15).  Mike S. also noted that this is just a start and we should expect more cuts down the road.


  August 7, 2014  Board Meeting Minutes – page 2

  IACT Conferences – Mike S. stated that there were some upcoming IACT meetings if any of the Board members or Clerk Treasurer were interested in attending.


    1.  Mark –  let the Board know that the filter media was changed last week as the iron content was rising.  He recommends we do this once a year.  The cost is $4,000.00.
    2. NSPD – for the record Mike S. presented a report from the North Salem Police Department for July activities.
    3. Council Members – Rebecca asked Marshal Berry about the TV’s  that were piled in front of Tom Lyle’s old house across the street from the bank.  Marshal Berry said he would contact the owner and ask that they be removed.  Rebecca is also still researching possible grant money through INDOT and stated that there is an upcoming meeting with the grant people from INDOT that a town employee should attend; she will get specific date.
    4. Harold Blake – noted for the record that the Animal Ordinance Violation case has been moved to December.
    5. Clerk-Treasurer –  Beth noted that we received a refund from USDA on our Water and Waste Water loans that were paid off (converted to a loan from NSSB) in March of this year.  They had previously stated that we owed them additional money but we asked for a complete accounting of the loans.  This resulted in a refund of over $1100.00.
  2.  PUBLIC:

No one was in attendance.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6:50 pm.  The next meeting will be September 4, 2014, at 6:00 pm.





Beth Russell, Clerk-Treasurer

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