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Aug 07 2015

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July 2, 2015 Town Council Meeting Minutes

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JULY 2, 2015



The  July 2, 2015 Town of North Salem Council Meeting was called to order by Council President Mike Selch at 6:00 pm.



Mike Selch, President – Present                   ______________________________________

Rebecca Compton, Vice President – Present                ______________________________________

Mike Russell, Member – Present                  ______________________________________



Mike S. asked if there were any additions or corrections for the June, 2015 Council Meeting; there being none, minutes were approved unanimously as written.


  2. Appointment to the Hendricks County Communications Center – Should know by August 8, 2015.
  3. NS School Water Line – Mark had no update.
  4. NSPD – Marshal Berry had no update on the car or new truck and cannot get in touch with the person who is interested in current vehicle.
  5. Old Utility Trailer – Bids will be opened at 6:00 pm, in the Town Hall, July 3, 2015. Harold recommended “recessing” tonight’s meeting; reconvening at 6:00 pm for the purpose of opening bids received and awarding the highest received.
  6. Lew Kinkead – Mike S. has sent Mr. Kinkead several emails regarding the position of the Town of North Salem on his variance issues.
  7. NSPD – IDAC licensing has been taken care of.


  2. Old Fashion Days – Several Old Fashion Days Committee members were in attendance. Plans are being finalized for the 40th annual festival; they will provide certificate of insurance as soon as possible.  They say all is well and they have security covered.  After some discussion, Marshal Berry told the committee that he would assist with road closure permit, parade help, and the emergency action plan; he also told the committee that he had some people who needed community service that could assist with trash clean up throughout the weekend.  Steve Hubbard also mentioned that the festival will be featured in Midwest Living Magazine in August.
  3. Tractor Club – Richie Wyeth was in attendance and gave a brief update. The only problem they foresee is a parking issue since they can no longer use the field adjacent to Machinery Field.  They are working with several people in town to get this resolved.
  4. HC Communications Center – waiting to see what happens with LOIT; this will determine how we will pay for dispatch fees.
  5. IACT Annual Conference – will be held September 29 through October 1 in French Lick; This may be something to consider attending at least part of, if not all. Hotel reservation opens up July 9th.


  2. Mark – presented board with tree cutting bids; Rebecca made a motion to accept lowest bid which was from Ben Morris Tree Service; Mike R. seconded; motion passed unanimously.  Mark also received a quote $5900.00 from Leary for pressure washing, cleaning, touching up rust spots and re-waxing the inside of the water tower as well as installing a new screen.  Mike S. made a motion to approve; Rebecca seconded; motion passed unanimously.  Work will be done in the next few weeks.   Mark also reported that the bobcat has been repaired at a much lower cost that what was first thought.


July 2, 2015 Board Meeting Minutes – page 2

  1. NSPD – for the record, Mike S. presented NSPD report for the month of June.  Marshal Berry also reported that he will be assisting with the Jeff Gordon Day Parade in Pittsboro on July 9th.  He will also be attending Church Camp July 19th to the 23rd.    Marshal Berry also reported that Josh Butler had not worked in a while; he had originally volunteered to stay on and work one day per month.  It was decided that he would not be asked to continue as a reserve officer.  Marshal Berry was asked to submit an inventory of deputy equipment.
  2. Council Members – Rebecca has been emailing back and forth with some with Hendricks County regarding the ditches in town and who is responsible for their upkeep. She hopes to have a clear answer in the next few weeks; she also met with a group call Health by Design for ideas on how and where to get grants for side walk repair.
  3. Harold Blake – No Report
  4. Clerk-Treasurer – No Report


  1. PUBLIC:




There being no further business, the meeting “recessed” at 7:40 pm.  The meeting will reconvene on Friday, July 3rd for the purpose of opening bids on the trailer.



Mike S. reconvened the meeting at 6:00 pm on Friday, July 3rd for the purpose of opening sealed bids received for the trailer.  Two bids were received:  Tom Goode submitted a bid of $501.40; Alan Heuss submitted a bid of $325.00.  Bid was awarded to Tom Goode and payment in full was received.    Meeting adjourned at 6:10 pm.  The next Board Meeting will be Thursday, August 6th.







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