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Feb 04 2016

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January 7, 2016 Town Council Meeting Minutes

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JANUARY 7, 2016



The  January 7, 2016 Town of North Salem Council Meeting was called to order by Council President Mike Selch at 6:00 pm.



Mike Selch, President – Present                    ______________________________________

Rebecca Compton, Vice President – Present             ______________________________________

Mike Russell, Member – Present                   ______________________________________



Mike S. asked if there were any additions or corrections to the December Council Meeting; there being none, minutes were approved unanimously as written.



Mike R. made a motion to keep the officers as is:  Mike S. – President; Rebecca Compton – Vice President; Mike R. – Member.  Rebecca seconded; motion passed unanimously.


  2. Equipment for Digital Recording – Mike S. did some research and found a couple of different recording devices for recording board meetings (video and digital) for less than $60.00; Marshal Berry will also be able to utilize this equipment. Rebecca will donate her old lap top.  Mike S. will order a device and we will try.
  3. Monitoring Water Tower, Update – our equipment has been installed; Mark will contact Omni Site and set up a meeting to review how it works, etc.
  4. Eggers Alley Poles – Mark again contacted Centurylink but they have not gotten back with him yet.


  2. Utility Rate Study – Mike S. discussed the workshop that was held on January 5th regarding the utility rate study.  Our water and waste water operating expenses have increased and income has decreased due to several factors including our population not growing and a decline of customers which puts more of a burden on our  active     Also, several fires and empty homes have decreased the number of active customers so the operating expenses must spread over fewer customers.  It was decided that in lieu of a rate increase, we would implement a surcharge of $5.00 per customer.  This will be a “water meter surcharge” of $2.00 per customer and a “waste disposal surcharge” of $3.00 per customer.  The Board will review these surcharges each year.  Harold  will draft the ordinance for first reading in February; the ordinance will need to go through three readings and be advertised as per state law.  It is possible that these charges will go into affect with the April billing.
  3. Unsafe Buildings – There are several properties in town that have deteriorated or are deteriorating (including abandoned and empty houses) that are in violation of both County and Town ordinances. It was decided that a list of properties would be compiled that the county will inspect.


January 7, 2016 Board Meeting Minutes – page 2


  1. Health by Design – Rebecca will contact Jessica with Health by Design regarding attending a board meeting to discuss their “Complete Streets” program.
  2. Everbridge – Mike S. asked both Rebecca and John if this county wide communication program is up and running; Rebecca said that they are supposed to contact us when the program has been implemented and when training will be available.


  2. Mark – reported that he has a leak somewhere in town, but it has not shown yet. He also reported that we have Warren Moreland’s truck and we are now waiting for the title work.
  3. NSPD – for the record, Mike S. presented NSPD report for the month of December.  Marshal Berry also reported that his computer crashed in December and he is still working on recovering the programs that he lost.
  4. Rebecca stated that the town is in need of new Christmas decorations for the poles. Mark is in agreement and has actually done some research on this.  Harold Blake suggested that maybe we ask both the businesses and town residents to “sponsor” a pole each year; it was also mentioned that new banners be purchased for some of the poles.  Beth will work on composing a fund raising letter to be mailed and see what kind of response is received.
  5. Mike R. brought up the need to have a more “secure” Town Hall. He has visited Pittsboro Town Hall and also Brownsburg Town Hall and he believes that our Town Hall should make some upgrades.  Everyone was in agreement; Rebecca made a motion to allow Beth to get some estimates on work to be done; Mike R. seconded; motion passed unanimously.  Beth will begin work on getting some estimates.
  6. Harold Blake – Rebecca made a motion to retain Harold Blake as Town Attorney for 2016; Mike R. seconded; motion passed unanimously.
  7. Clerk-Treasurer – Beth informed the Council that there will be a Hendricks County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan Review meeting held January 13th, 2016, in Rooms 3 and 4 at the  Hendricks County Government Center in Danville beginning at 1:00 PM.  All Public and Private Organizations, School Officials, Public Safety, Emergency Responders, County, Township and Town Officials and the Public are invited to attend and participate in the review process.  Beth also asked the Council’s approval for attending the Indiana League of Municipal Clerk Treasurer’s Institute and Academy to be held in March at Ball State University.  Mike S. made the motion to approve; Mike R. seconded; motion passed unanimously.


  1. PUBLIC:




There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:02 pm.  The next Council Meeting will be February 4th at 6:00 pm.




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