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May 5, 2016 Town Council Meeting Minutes

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The May 5, 2016 Town of North Salem Council Meeting was called to order by Council President Mike Selch at 6:00 pm.



Mike Selch, President – Present                  _________________________________

Rebecca Compton, Vice President – Present    ________________________________

Mike Russell, Member – Present  _________________________________



Mike S. asked if there were any additions or corrections to the April minutes; there being none, minutes were approved unanimously as written.


  2. Eggers Alley Poles – Mark did meet with a different contact at Centurylink and he sees no problem with removing the poles. This will be done in the next couple of months.
  3. Endeavor Communications – no one in attendance so tabled until next month.
  4. Mike S. gave an update on the audio visual equipment for the North Salem Police Department as well as the audio equipment for recording meetings.


  2. State Board of Accounts has “cordially requested” that we attend their State Called meeting for Clerk-Treasurer’s training in June in Michigan City. Mike S. made a motion for both Beth and Tammy to attend this conference; Rebecca C. seconded.  The Town Hall will be closed June 6, 7 & 8.
  3. The Town of North Salem will be receiving a one-time special distribution per SEA 67 on or before June 1st. There is a restriction on the use of at least 75% of this distribution as it must be used on roads.  Eric Wathen was in attendance to discuss this and the matching grant money the state has made available.  Eric explained that in order to apply for the matching funds, we must have a Pavement Asset Management Plan in place and he is willing to assist us with developing this plan.  With this money and a matching grant (dollar for dollar) we could potentially do some major updating to our roads.  After much discussion it was decided that Eric would do some research on this and get back with us. It was also noted that once Eric gets back with us we may need to hold a special workshop since this is a time sensitive matter. He also suggested that Mark Basham attend the PASER training in Danville coming soon.


  2. Mark – Still has not found his leak and it’s getting bigger. Again someone from Alliance of Indiana Rural Water walked all over town with Mark with their detectors.  There is a fire hydrant on South Broadway that they will be looking at that may have a small leak and need to be repaired, but he does not think this is the big one.


May 5, 2016 Board Meeting Minutes – page 2

  1. NSPD – for the record, Mike S. presented the NSPD report for the month of April. Marshal Berry also requested that a nice thank you letter be sent to Brett Havlin.  Brett was able to clean up and repair some department guns that rusted badly due to the box leaking and rusting on the back of the police truck.  John will get contact information for Brett to Mike S.
  2. Harold Blake – presented Council with a draft (Resolution 2016-2) for a Complete Streets resolution. Council will review and it will be discussed at June’s board meeting.
  3. Clerk-Treasurer – Beth asked about the Beeson property which is currently in foreclosure and will be sold at a tax sale this month. The home currently only has sewer service.  Since the property is changing ownership because of Johnny Beeson’s passing, it will now be necessary for the new property owners to be hooked up to town water.  Also, several residents were in attendance to discuss the property at 103 South Nebraska. This property we believe has been abandoned as there is no water service or gas service, the roof is falling in and no one has kept up the mowing.  Council asked Mark if he could cut the grass and he agreed.  The current owner did not obtain the needed variance to keep the trailer on this property.  A letter will be sent to the address on file asking that the trailer be removed.  Eric Wathen did say that the Hendricks County Commissioners work with the Solid Waste District to help clean up properties.


  1. PUBLIC:

Jimmy Roberts was in attendance asking if Mark had spoken to anyone about a light pole on his property; Mark will contact Duke Energy.



There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6:59 pm.  The next Council Meeting will be June 2, 2016 at 6:00 pm.





Beth Russell



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