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April 2017 Town Council Meeting Minutes

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APRIL 6, 2017



The April 6, 2017 Town of North Salem Council Meeting was called to order by Council President Rebecca Compton at 6:00 pm.


Rebecca Compton, President – Present               ______________________________________

Mike Russell, Vice President – Present                 ______________________________________

Jimmy Roberts, Member – Present                       ______________________________________


Council President Rebecca led with the Pledge of Allegiance; this was followed by a prayer from Pastor Greg Way, North Salem United Methodist Church.


Rebecca  asked if there were any additions or corrections to the March minutes; there being none, minutes were approved as written.

  2. Special Distribution SEA funds – Mark is meeting with HASCO to finalize everything. Work will be done when weather permits.  Hopes to have it done by June.
  3. Update on Sidewalk Assessment – Rebecca reported that she is still working on this project.
  4. Update on Main Streets Program – first meeting was held March 20th. We had about 10 people in attendance.  Another meeting is scheduled for April 17th.
  5. Update on County Clean Up – Working with Scott Butrum, Building and Zoning Inspector. Progress is being made.
  6. North Salem Community Grant Award – Kenny Parsons was in attendance to discuss issues he is having with standing water; he presented additional photos to Council. After much discussion, it was decided that sidewalks would not help his issue.  He needs drainage of some kind.  Mark will contact Brent Sellers and have him take a look at it and go from there.  There was only one other grant application received; they will be contacted to let them know they were awarded the $500 grant.
  7. Barking Dog Ordinance – Council was considering repealing part of this ordinance. The current ordinance constitutes a public nuisance as “frequent or habitual barking, howling, yelping or otherwise creates unreasonably loud and disturbing noises of the character, intensity or duration as to disturb the peace, quiet and good order of the town”.  There have been a couple of issues regarding barking dogs Marshal Berry has been dealing with; however, it’s difficult to monitor these types of situations.  After much discussion, the issue was tabled until next month.
  9. North Salem Community Fund Update – Mike Selch was in attendance to give an update on the North Salem Fund. The fund currently has a balance of $25,028.44.  The payout for this year is $1,701.00.  With $500 of this going to the side walk grant, that leaves $1,201.00 available that can be used towards anything for the town; or it can be left in the fund to roll over.  If we decide to use it, we must present receipts to the Foundation by November 1st.
  10. Heavy Trash Pickup – Scheduled for April 25th. Notices were sent with the March water bills and will go out again with April’s water bills.  We also have it on the town’s Facebook page.  Last month it was suggested that we contact Hendricks County Solid Waste and inquire about the possibility of North Salem hosting a “tox away” day. They informed us that each of these events costs roughly $25,000 so this will not be an option.   Dates for tox away days for 2017 were included with the Heavy Trash notices.






April 6, 2017 Board Meeting Minutes – page 2



  1. Letter to INDOT – Rebecca sent an email to Mr. Freije with INDOT asking them to take a look at the signage at the intersection of SR75 and SR236 because of the near misses almost daily. She asked that they be “more active than reactive” regarding this situation.  She has not heard back from him.  She will continue to pursue.  It was also suggested that maybe we should contact State Rep Jeff Thompson for assistance.
  3. Mark – we ordered a handicap parking sign and a stencil to paint on the road; this will be located in front of Liz’s restaurant. Rebecca asked about the side walk issue on California; Mark said he went and looked at it and didn’t see a problem.  Rebecca suggested that beginning with April’s water bills we highlight a couple of ordinances starting with the dog ordinance and side walk ordinance.
  4. Doug Clodfelter, Waste Water Superintendent, was in attendance to explain his IDEM inspection report; he also let Council know that the generator was working properly now.
  5. NSPD – For the record, Rebecca presented the NSPD report for the month of March. In addition, Marshal Berry stated that he would be in Indianapolis April 7 & 8 for training.  He also let Council know that he had to order a new computer for the truck and it should be installed on April 10th.  There was no update on the Reserve issue.
  6. Council – None
  7. Harold Blake – no report.
  8. Clerk-Treasurer – no report.
  9. PUBLIC:

Paul Miner was in attendance.  He is with the Hendricks County Parks Board.  He presented a brief history of McCloud Nature Park.  After some discussion, it was recommended that we  add a link to the town website for Hendricks County Parks; also research adding a “history page” to the town website.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:00 pm.  The next Council Meeting will be May 4th at 6:00 pm.






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