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Jul 25 2017

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June 2017 Town Council Meeting Minutes

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JUNE 1, 2017



The June 1, 2017 Town of North Salem Council Meeting was called to order by Council President Rebecca Compton at 6:00 pm.


Rebecca Compton, President – Present              ______________________________________

Mike Russell, Vice President – Present                ______________________________________

Jimmy Roberts, Member – Present                      ______________________________________


Council President Rebecca led with the Pledge of Allegiance followed by a prayer from Jimmy.


Rebecca  asked if there were any additions or corrections to the May minutes; there being none, minutes were approved as written.

  2. Special Distribution SEA funds (paving project) – Milling work has begun; paving will be first part of next week.
  3. Update on Sidewalk Assessment – no update
  4. Update on Main Streets Program – Another meeting was held in May.  There is a core group of about 10 people.  Their next meeting is June 6th at 6:30 in the Town Hall.
  5. Update on County Clean Up – no update; will be removed from agenda.
  6. Barking dog ordinance – Harold presented the Council with Ordinance 2017-1 repealing a portion of the animal control ordinance. Jimmy made a motion to accept as written and pass on first read; Mike  seconded; motion passed unanimously.  Beth will advertise once in the local papers and also post in the window of the Town Hall.
  7. Stop Signs at SR 75 – The state has agreed to install LED flashing lights on the stop signs on SR 75 at the intersection of SR 236. They will also be removing the “no parking” signs on Pearl Street.
  8. Spotlight of Town Ordinances – we will continue to spotlight a couple of town ordinances each month.
  9. Town Flag Project – Council set a date of June 26th to hold a workshop and discuss the criteria for flag project. Workshop will be at 6:30 at the Town Hall.
  10. Update on French Drain – a French drain was installed on Wabashaw Street for Kenny Parsons because of standing water. There has still been water standing in that location but Mark said it was pretty saturated and we need to give it a little more time to work like it should.
  11. Update on AED Grant – Grant has been submitted and we are awaiting a decision.
  12. Update on Items for Town Marshal – go bag has been received; just need to purchase items for it. External Vest has been ordered.  Marshal Berry also gave some information he received regarding body cameras; more will be discussed at Workshop on June 26th.
  13. NEW ITEMS:
  14. Date for Ham and Bean Fundraiser – The date of November 4th has been set for the next ham and bean fundraiser for the North Salem Fund.
  15. Prepare for next round of funds from INDOT – a new round of road funding from INDOT will open up June 5th. Deadline for applications is July 14th.  Since we are a small town, our matching amount would be 25%.  Mark will evaluate the streets and prioritize and get estimates for application.


June 1, 2017 Meeting Minutes – page 2



  1. Mark – there is a pine tree on Pearl Street that needs to come down; it is over the sidewalk and into the lines above. A letter will be sent to the homeowner; Mark will cut down.  A couple other trees in town were discussed that need to come down.  Mark will get estimates.  Mark also let Council know that he has received one quote so far for a new garage door and opener for the old town garage by the tower; he is working on getting another one.  He would also like to have a new steel door installed there as well.
  2. NSPD – For the record, Rebecca presented the NSPD report for the month of May. Marshal Berry also let the Council know that he will be assisting the County with the B&O Bicycle Ride this weekend.
  3. Council – Jimmy asked again about some property between SR 75 and Ladoga Road and if it was considered to be “in town” and if the owner was subject to the same rules, etc., regarding upkeep of property. Mark said part of it has been cut; Jimmy will speak with surrounding property owners to see if it is satisfactory.  Rebecca asked Mark about the painting of fire hydrants in town.  Mark has someone who will be painting them as part of his community service.
  4. Harold Blake – Ordinance book will need to be updated this year; Beth also stated that the location of the Town Park needs to be updated in the Ordinance book as well.
  5. Clerk-Treasurer – stated that the North Salem Community Fund Grant recipient has finished their sidewalk project and will submit paperwork to the Town Hall for reimbursement.
  6. PUBLIC:

Pam White was in attendance and wanted to go on record that she was unhappy with the amount of footage being taken away from her property with the paving project.  She was parking on the street and now has very little space to park.  Rebecca stated that she was sorry she was unhappy and suggested that she put in a driveway.  Mark could bring in some stone for this and also add more stone to the front of her property at no cost to her.  She said she will think about it and let us know.


Larry Watkins was also in attendance to discuss  barking dogs and wanted updated on the ordinance.  Rebecca stated that  the ordinance as it was written was not enforceable.  It will now be a civil matter between complainants.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6:59 pm.  The next Council Meeting will be July 6th at 6:00 pm.






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