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Sep 08 2017

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August 2017 Town Council Meeting Minutes

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AUGUST 3, 2017



The August 3, 2017 Town of North Salem Council Meeting was called to order by Council President Rebecca Compton at 6:01 pm.


Rebecca Compton, President – Present             ______________________________________

Mike Russell, Vice President – Absent                 ______________________________________

Jimmy Roberts, Member – Present                      ______________________________________


Council President Rebecca led with the Pledge of Allegiance followed by a prayer.


Rebecca  asked if there were any additions or corrections to the July minutes; there being none, minutes were approved as written.

  2. Special Distribution SEA funds for 2018 (paving project, next round of funding) – The application has been submitted and received by INDOT.
  3. Update on Main Streets Program – Rebecca reported that Mary Shaw with OCRA attended the last meeting and reassured everyone that things are moving along as they should be.
  4. Update on stop signs at SR 75 – The LED stop signs are still not installed yet.   If they are not in place by the end of August, Rebecca will get in touch with her contact at INDOT to find out when we can expect this to be completed.
  5. Spotlight of Town Ordinances – No ordinances will be highlighted in August because Old Fashion Days schedules will be included in the water bills. Ordinance 132.06 will be highlighted in September to remind residents that there are to be no obstructions in open alleyways or streets.  This opened up discussion regarding who is responsible for maintaining alleyways in the Town.  Harold indicated that the Town is responsible for this maintenance, however, if there is vegetation or overgrowth from a resident’s backyard, then those residents need to take care of that.  It was determined that Kirk Vittetow and Shawn Leep (where his property meets Ladoga Avenue)  need to receive letters.  Beth will take care of sending these next week.
  6. Town Flag Project – One entry has been received so far, and it was circulated at the meeting. Becky is expecting additional entries, as the project was advertised in The Republican today.
  7. Update on French Drain – Mark spoke with Kirk of Sellers Excavating. He doesn’t think there’s anything they can do to help improve this situation, other than the property owner moving his sump pump to a different location.  Mark will pass this information along to the property owner, but will also try to speak with Brent Sellers to see if he has any other ideas.
  8. Update on AED Grant – This grant was denied by the Hendricks County Community Foundation. Marshal Berry has some ideas that he will present during his time to report.
  9. Update on Painting of the Hydrants – Mark reported that this is still in progress, they haven’t had time to do it yet.
  10. New Sidewalks – Mark reported that he will be meeting with Ralph Whitaker sometime in September.
  11. Update regarding Mr. Goode and Mr. Koopman – Jimmy presented the Council with paperwork from Mr. Koopman that he obtained from Jerod Chew, District Conservationist with the USDA indicating that this property is not a true wetland. Upon Review by Harold, it was determined that Mr. Goode needs to take care of his property.  The Town will send a letter to Mr. Goode to notify him that he needs to mow the grass.
  12. Ordinance 2017-2 – Park location. Ordinance 2017-2 was presented for a second read.  This ordinance amends the location of the park from the “West edge of town” to the “East end of town”.  Jimmy made a motion to pass on second read as written; Rebecca seconded.  Since all Council members were not present, a final reading will take place at next month’s meeting.
  13. NEW ITEMS:
  14. November Ham and Bean Supper — Becky reported that this will take place on Saturday, November 4th. She presented 2 lists of businesses in Town and asked that Jimmy and Mike go to each business on their list to solicit donations for the supper.  These can be either items to raffle off or monetary donations.  Jimmy took one and Tammy will leave one in the office for Mike.
  15. Ice Cream Social for Main Street – The Main Street Committee would like to close Broadway Street for the Ice Cream Social. They have talked to Perillos, and they did not object.  They would like to set up the night before, and Mark didn’t

see a problem with this.  He will call Brenda Fleece to let her know this would be fine.  Signs have been placed in the flower pots along Main Street, and plans are coming along for this event.

  1. “Whirligigs” for School Signs – Becky spoke with her contact at INDOT, and he indicated that these deteriorate very quickly, and does not recommend using them. Yellow flashing lights are better.  They cost around $3,000.00 each and would have to be paid for by either the Town or the School.  He did believe that the Safe Routes for School grant might



August Minutes – page 2



be able to be used for this purpose.  Becky is attending an INDOT meeting on August 24th and will investigate this further, as the Town does not have the funds to purchase these, and she doesn’t believe the school would either.

  1. Old Fashion Days Security – Becky had a meeting with John Berry and Linda Miller. Old Fashion Days has a budget of $450.00 to pay John for security during the festival.  Becky felt that John should be paid equally with the County officers that will be providing security as well, and proposed that the Town should pay John an amount “not to exceed $500.00” above and beyond his regular salary, for the many hours he will spend working security for Old Fashion Days.  John will keep a record of his hours.  For the record, John believes that the amount of $500.00 is too much.  Jimmy made the first motion and Rebecca seconded.  Linda reported that the Old Fashion Days Committee has insurance, and that they are also requiring each vendor to have a certificate of insurance as well.  The Town will need a copy of the insurance certificate from Porters, Linda will take care of that.  Linda also stated that John and Kevin are working on an emergency plan in the event of inclement weather, which will direct visitors to take cover at the churches and school.  They will use the siren and PA system to direct people to these locations, and they will give a copy of the plan to each vendor.  Linda asked if signs for Old Fashion Days could be placed in the flower pots in Town for this year,  Becky and Mark agreed.  John is working on the road closure for the festival, as well as help for traffic control during the parade.  Becky said that there needs to be “no parking” signs between McKinley and Nebraska Streets so people do not obstruct the parade.
  3. Mark – The new garage door is going to be $90.00 more than the price quoted. He ordered the dark brown, and it should be here in the next week or two.  Joe Goldsmith is replacing the ballasts in the streetlights with the newer LED ones as they need replacing, and Mark is getting new plastic globes to replace the broken ones.
  4. NSPD – Marshal Berry spoke with a dealer regarding the AED, and she is willing to donate one. He would like to do a fundraiser that he was made aware of by Christie Patterson, with the Pittsboro PD.  Papa John’s will come and sell pizza slices and donate a certain amount to the agency.  John will look into this, and would like to set it up for a Tuesday, so that we wouldn’t be competing with Perillos.  He felt like it would be best to try and raise some funds for the AED and combine that with the dealer donating so it would help defer their cost.  Regarding the body camera, Mark Wood hasn’t gotten the information to him yet.  The North Salem State Bank is willing to help with this.  The body cam would be linked through the Hendricks County Sheriff’s Department if we can get things done on our end on time.  John wanted to thank everyone for their support in allowing him time away to go to church camp last week.
  5. Council – After reviewing Marshal Berry’s monthly report, Becky would like to see about working a part-time Deputy into the budget since John continues to get busier. Becky would also like to schedule another Shred Day and Heavy Trash Day for this fall.  Harold suggested integrating the Shred Day during the Ham and Bean Supper if Ray’s would do it in the evening.  Becky would like to try and set up the Heavy Trash Day for Tuesday, September 19th to help residents get rid of unwanted items after Old Fashion Days.  Jimmy reported that there is a vehicle in town that is regularly ignoring the stop signs.  Marshal Berry indicated that he is aware of the situation, but has been unable to catch him in the act.  He will continue his efforts to do so.
  6. Harold Blake – Harold checked into renting the building out that’s next to the garage.  It can be rented as long as it is advertised and rented for fair market value.  Mark will check into the cost of providing the space with water, heat, and air conditioning.  Harold inquired about the garage that burned on 75 North in Town.  If something isn’t done with the property very soon, the owner will need to fence this off for safety reasons.
  7. Clerk-Treasurer – No report.
  8. PUBLIC:



There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:03 pm.  The next Council Meeting will be September 7th at 6:00 pm.






Tammy Lasley

Deputy Clerk-Treasurer


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