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December 2, 2010 Town Council Meeting Minutes

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DECEMBER 2, 2010





The December 2, 2010 Town of North Salem Council Meeting was called to order by Council President Mike Selch at 6:03 pm.



Mike Selch – Present           ____________________________

Billy Woodrum – Present   ____________________________

Mike Russell –  Present       ____________________________



Mike S. asked if there were any additions or corrections for the November minutes; there being none Billy made motion to approve as written; Mike R. seconded; passed unanimously.  



a.  Woody Woodrum asked the Council if the town had a Marshal.  Mike S. told him we had a part time Marshal at present who gets 20 hours per week because of limited funds.  We are not sure at this point on funds available.  We are hoping to get things up and running in January.

b.  Dorothy Coons spoke to the Council about how they would like to rebuild their garage they lost to fire and how she had spoken with someone with the County.  Mike S. said he spoke with Don Reitz with  Hendricks County Building and Planning and asked him if the Town could write a letter on their behalf stating what happened with the fire, etc. and asking if the Council can give permission to rebuild without going through the entire process of letter writing to neighbors, etc.  He should hear back from him soon.  Harold Blake told the Council that in case the county objects, go ahead now and schedule  a BZA meeting for January 6th at 5:45p.



a.  Mike S. announced that the Executive Session held last month resulted in the dismissal of Don Perry.  We are beyond the appeal period now and will proceed forward in rebuilding the North Salem Police Department.

b.  A new water tower ladder shield has been ordered and will be installed by Mark and Doug when received.

c.  The Dispatch Fee is still on hold.

d.  Re-evaluation of town buildings is still ongoing.

e.  There will be new legal requirements for police interrogations beginning in January 2011 and we are still working with our computer tech in seeing what equipment we might need.



a.  Mike S. presented the Agreement from Doug Clodfelter for 2011.  There were no changes in the contract other than the dates.  He does a fine job and saves the Town a great deal of money.  Billy made a motion to approve the contract for 2011; Mike R. seconded; motion passed unanimously.

b.  The draining problem between Gary Harris and Tonia Cosby was discussed.  Mike S. said the plan was to use railroad ties but not until the weather gets warmer.

c.  Mike S. said that the paypal account was being set up on the North Salem website and will be up and running soon for town residents to begin paying their utility bills on line with a credit card.  We hope to have complete instructions also available to residents on how to use this service.  He also said that the NSSB will allow residents who have paypal accounts to transfer funds for free.

d.    Hendricks County Parks Foundation will be here next month to present plans for a relay run to take place sometime in June.`

e.  Council Meeting dates for 2011 were presented; Mike R. made motion to approve; Billy seconded; motion  passed unanimously.

f.  Holiday calendar was presented for 2011; Billy made motion to approve; Mike R. seconded; motion passed unanimously.









December 2, 2010 Board Meeting Minutes – page 2



g.  Mike S. mentioned that we need to encumber any and all funds in accounts that are not  used up by the end of December to roll over  in January so that the state cannot take it back.  Billy made a motion to do this; Mike R. seconded; passed unanimously.  Mike S. says we don’t want to give anything back.



a.  Harold Blake addressed the question that came up last month about the trees and the planting strip; he did some research and found that if the town is aware of any tree in the right of way that is dead or dying and that tree comes down in a storm and does any damage or causes injury, the town will be liable, but only if the town has been made aware beforehand.  Gary Harris also mentioned the sidewalks that are in bad shape because of the trees that were planted years ago.  The home owners are responsible for the upkeep of the sidewalks but the town does pay up to a certain amount for concrete.  If nothing else, Mark says that just that certain section of the sidewalk could be repaired.

b.  Mike R. asked Mark if he has had a chance to look into getting a used dump truck.  Mark said not yet. Mike S. said he sent an email to IACT and he got a response from someone in Ft. Wayne but they were too big.   Tom Lyle also suggested we go on GOVDEALS.com because they have many items available for sale that the town might be able to use. 

c.   Billy asked Heath if he was patrolling at the school and the north end of town.  We still have a problem with speeding on the North end of town.  Heath told him he has been out at the school and on the north end of town.  He also told Mark that the Christmas lights looked good.

d.  Heath mentioned that we are now doing gun permits on line; he met with the school principal and discussed their evacuation plan and also said he might eat lunch with the kids on Fridays so they can become familiar with him and the department.  There is a recall on Dodge Chargers to he will follow up on that.   Mike R. also asked Heath to check on the status of a couple of gun permits.


Mike S. announced that this would be the last meeting of the year and also the last meeting for Mr. Woodrum as a Town Council Member and Cheryl Russell as Clerk Treasurer.  On behalf of the Town Council, he presented them each with a Certificate of Appreciation. 



There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:37 pm.


The next Council meeting will be held on Thursday, January 6, 2011 at 6:00 pm.






Cheryl Russell




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