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January 6, 2011 Town Council Minutes

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January 6, 2011





The January 6, 2011 Town of North Salem Council Meeting was called to order by Council President Mike Selch at 6:02 pm.



Mike Selch – Present           ____________________________

Becky Compton – Present  ____________________________

Mike Russell –  Present       ____________________________


Mike S. stated that officers needed to be elected for 2011.  Mike R. made a motion that Mike S. remain President, Becky seconded.  Becky made a motion that Mike R. be elected Vice President, Mike S. seconded.  Motions passed unanimously.



Mike S. asked if there were any additions or corrections for the December minutes; there being none Mike R. made motion to approve as written; Mike S. seconded.  



a.  Billy Woodrum asked how the town was coming along with regards to getting a new Town Marshal.  He is aware that we currently have a part time person but also stated that money was in the budget this year as well as last year for a full time Marshal.  In light of recent burglaries, he was wondering how the process was coming.  Mike S. stated that he has been accumulating information for guidelines and the possibilities of changing from full time to part time and  that this was one of the items on the agenda this evening.    Mike also stated that this  is a top priority.



a.  Pay Pal Update – We have converted the 175 pay pal account over to the Town of North Salem so residents could pay their utility bills on line.  We are still working out the details as far as fees charged if customers use a credit card. 



a.  Dick Whicker was in attendance on behalf of Hendricks County Parks and their Park2Park relay taking place June 25th.   This is a first for Hendricks County and features a relay with teams comprised of 6 runners who will run approximately 60 miles across Hendricks County beginning at McCloud Park in North Salem, winding through mostly back roads and local parks before finishing at Sodalis Nature Park near Indianapolis International Airport.  They require exchange points along the way and would like permission to have one of these points at the Fire Station/old town park area from about 7:00 am to around 9 am.    The Board did not have a problem with giving permission for this event.

b.  Mike S. stated that he had been given an annual report on Old Fashion Days income and expenses for 2010; copies were given to each Board member.

c.  No one was in attendance on behalf of the North Salem Antique Tractor Club.

d.  Mike S. gave a final report on the 175 Celebration.  They raised $5,401.53 in 2010.  This makes the three year total contributions  of $8,084.00 to the North Salem Fund of the Hendricks Foundation.  This will be eligible for the matching funds program. 

e.  Water/Sewer Funds are in good shape and are in the black. 

f.  Rodger Ward has agreed to stay on as North Salem’s representative on the Hendricks County Area Planning Board.  Mike S. made a motion to keep Rodger on the Board; Becky seconded; motion passed unanimously.  We will mail confirmation to Don Reitz, Hendricks County Planning.

h.  Ray’s Trash notified us that they did not foresee a price increase for 2011; however, should one occur it would not be more than 5%.  Council agreed to accept.  We have not had an increase for several years.








January 6, 2011 Town Council Minutes – page 2





a.  Mark asked if Doug Frazier could be put on a 40 hour salaried work week.  Mark stated that he does an excellent job and he could really use him.  After some discussion, it was decided to take a closer look at the current budget before a decision was made. 

b.  Heath gave a report for December.  He stated that we did applications for three hand gun permits and he was currently working on the thefts that took place in December; he has done speed evaluations on Ladoga Avenue and North California Street, and Pearl and McKinley Streets.  He also asked if the phone could be put back into his office and also internet access.  Also stated that car was in good shape and running good.

c.  NSPD Guidelines.  Mike S. presented each Board Member with a rough draft of what we need to develop new NSPD guidelines and hiring procedures and questions that need to be researched.   After much discussion it was decided that the Board would hold a workshop and work on developing these new department guidelines. 



There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:58 pm.


The next Council meeting will be held on Thursday, February 3, 2011 at 6:00 pm.






Beth Russell





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