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Nov 06 2009

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Town Council Meeting Minutes October 1, 2009

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October 1, 2009




The October 1, 2009 Town of North Salem Council Meeting was called to order by Council President Mike Selch at 6:01 pm.




Mike Selch – Present                ____________________________

Billy Woodrum – Present          ____________________________

Mike Russell – Present ____________________________




The August 2009 meeting minutes had not yet been approved because there was some disagreement on the format in which they were typed.  After much discussion, Mike S. made a motion to approve as written; Mike R. seconded.  In addition, Mike S. made a motion to approve the September 2009 meeting minutes as written; Mike R. seconded.




  1. Vicki Cox presented her tentative plans for “North Salem Old Fashion Christmas” to take place December 11 & 12.   Information will be posted on the Town website as well as Old Fashion Days website.




  1. Small Town Dispatch fee was discussed.  There is much confusion over this fee.  John Berry will be attending a meeting soon to hopefully clear up a few things.  He is upset because they have had several “pager failures” and they are not receiving the information they need in a timely manner.
  2. FEMA Ordinance was approved and North Salem residents can be covered if they want flood insurance.
  3. Lights have been replaced at the Fire Station; ramps under the doors have been fixed as well.
  4. 2010 Budget forms need to be signed after the meeting.  Mike S. said that we were advised by the Tax Board to raise our tax levy to 3.8%. 




  1. Mike S. reported that he has heard nothing but good news about Old Fashion 

      Days.  Vendors were happy for the most part; the 175 Committee Booth raised 

      more money this year than last year; truck pull was a huge success.

  1. Pay Pal will be available on the Town website for 175 items, etc.
  2. New Police car has been delivered; decals and equipment being installed now.  The old police car needs a new engine; Donnie spoke to the Pittsboro Police Department as they are in need of another car.  Billy made a motion to sell to Pittsboro as is; Mike R. seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.
  3. Mike S. reported on the many items we have received from the Census Bureau – denim shirts, knit shirts and caps.   We were originally told that we would need at



Page 2




      least two individuals to take care of handing out information in town.  He spoke

      with a representative from the Census Bureau about why we are receiving so  

      much stuff; this person did not have any information as he was just in charge of


  1. Mike S. reported that we received a quote on Town insurance from Fleece Insurance;  It is quite a bit less than the insurance we have now through Porter Insurance.   Porter Insurance is now comparing the policies to see if they can match.  It was agreed that we should accept the lowest quote if the policies are comparable.




  1. Harold Blake – Town Attorney 

No Report


  1. Water and Street Superintendent – Mark Basham


Mark presented additional bid for paving and resurfacing from Triangle Asphalt.  They are quite a bit less than the other companies and can begin next week.  Billy made a motion to accept the bid from Triangle; Mike R. seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.    Mike S. also asked Mark to look into repairing or replacing the man-hole cover in the alley next to the  Town Hall.


      c.    Mike Russell – Council Member


            Made a motion to change hours for Trick or Treating from 6-9 pm to 6-8 pm;  

            Billy seconded.  Motion passed unanimously. 


      d.  Clerk-Treasurer – Cheryl Russell

            No Report


      d.  Town Marshall – Donnie Perry

            No Report





There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:09 pm.


The next Council meeting will be held on Thursday, November 5, 2009 at 6:00 pm.





Cheryl Russell


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