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April 7, 2011 Town Council Meeting Minutes

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April 7, 2011


The April 7, 2011 Town of North Salem Council Meeting was called to order by Council President Mike Selch at 6:02 pm.


Mike Selch – Present                           ____________________________

Rebecca Compton – Present              ____________________________

Mike Russell – Present                        ____________________________


Mike S. asked if there were any additions or corrections for the March minutes; there being none, minutes approved unanimously.  


a.  Ric Scrimager asked about the current situation of the North Salem Police Department.  He specifically wanted to know if John Berry had been hired as the new Town Marshal and whether or not we had deputies, and if they were all full time or part time.    Mike S. explained that John was hired as the new Town Marshal and that he is getting ready to go through Pre-Basic Training and that he would be part time and that we had a part time Deputy and we will also have a Reserve Officer once he completes Pre-Basic.  This reserve officer will also be going through the course at ILEA in September and the current Deputy will also go through ILEA training in 2012.  All officers will remain part time through the end of this year. 

Ric also asked what the town is paying the Town Marshal.  Mike S. stated that it was on a per hour basis controlled by the current budget as we are paying unemployment on the past Marshal.  Ric asked why the town is paying unemployment and Mike S. stated that the Town appealed paying unemployment; a hearing was held in February and we lost.  Ric then asked what the hourly rate was and Mike S. stated that John was at twenty something and Chris Pickens (Deputy) was at $15.   Mike S. explained that between the amount for John and the amount for Chris, the total combined comes up less than what we were paying Donnie.  Becky also stated that we are not giving John any benefits i.e. insurance or vacation and that makes a big difference in how you figure someone’s salary.    Bill Woodrum also asked if it was the intent to make John full time in 2012 to which Mike S. explained that we are building the Department step by step in hopes of having a full time Department again.  After much discussion, Mike S. thanked everyone for their opinions  and stated that he felt that at this point the Board has made the right decision.

b.  Bill Woodrum asked if it would be possible to include the minutes of the board meetings in the monthly mailing of the water bills.  We currently post the proposed minutes on the window and once they are approved they are posted on the town’s website.   To keep our postage costs down, it is suggested that anyone who would like to receive a copy of the minutes can contact the Town Hall to have a copy mailed.

c.  Stacy Coleman was in attendance and asked about the town’s policy for replacing sidewalks.  Mark explained that it was the responsibility of the homeowner for labor and materials and that the town would pay up to $500 towards concrete.  She also asked it the town had a leash law.  Mike S. explained that the current law is outdated and that this is one of our ordinances we are currently working on updating and we hope to have something in effect soon.  She explained that she has had a problem with a dog in town coming at her son, Mike S. asked her to give a report to our Police Dept. so that we have a written report in our files.


a.  Water Tower Ladder Guard has been installed.

b.  Re-Evaluation of Town Buildings is ongoing.

c.  Legal requirements  for recording meetings and interrogations ongoing.

d.  Drainage issue of Harris and Cosby ongoing.

e.  Clean up ongoing.

April 7, 2011 Proposed Board Meeting Minutes – page 2


a.   Mike S. introduced Gary Charles with E-Manage Tech and Connect who gave a presentation on possible WiMax service for North Salem.

b.  IACT – Beth reported that the quote for insurance through the IACT Medical Trust came in higher that what we are paying currently and that Mark was currently researching other options.

c.  NSPD – Mike S. stated that he was ready to move forward with a vote to develop the ordinance for traffic fines.  This will allow the Town of North Salem to receive the money for tickets that the Police Dept. issues for speeding and other violations.   Mike R. made a motion to proceed; Mike S. seconded; motion passed unanimously.  Mike S. also asked for a vote to place a bid of $1600.00 on the police car that the Town of Clayton has for sale.   It is his understanding that if another police department purchases it, all the equipment stays and he has been assured that the car is in good shape.  It was the consensus of the Board to go ahead and place a bid.    Chuck Fancher asked if the town was able to purchase bullet proof vests for the Police Department.  Mike S. referred this to Chris Pickens who went ahead and gave his report on the work he has done in the past month.  Regarding the vests, the grant process opens up April 20th and he will be working on getting us a grant to purchase 3-5 new vests.  Mike S. said we are working on setting up a new cell phone account with AT&T because the original account was set up with Donnie’s social security number. 

d.   Mike S. updated everyone on where we are as far as codification.  He hopes to have more info next month.

e.  Census – every town has not been updated, however we do know that North Salem has lost 73 people between 2000 and 2010.

f.  Mike S. stated we received a letter from Tri West Post Prom committee thanking us for our annual donation.

g.  Hendricks County Communications – there is a meeting scheduled for April 20th in the Government Center at 7 pm regarding funding for communications.  They want input from as many towns and townships as possible.  John Berry states that there are many issues that need to be worked out.  

h.  CDBG Focus Funding – There is a meeting May 20th for Community Development Block Grants for Council Members, Clerk Treasurers, Auditors, etc.,  on the always changing rules on how to complete grants.      

i.  Mike S. reported that Beth (and possibly Cheryl) would be attending clerk treasurer’s class in May and also that Beth and he would be attending a budget workshop in May. 


a.    Mark reported that  he received pricing on a new merry go round – 10’ in diameter – for $2792.00 plus shipping.    Old Fashion Days will pay $1500.00 towards this.  Council was unanimous in giving permission to go ahead and order.   Tom Goode asked what we were going to do with the old one.  Mike S. said we would discuss and get back with him.  Mark also mentioned that they received a quote for $1000.00 to replace lights out at the fire department.

Mike S. asked for any last comments and Tom Goode asked if the town had received any complaints on his greenhouse.  Mike S. did not know of any.  Tom also said that he would appreciate the opportunity to bid on town business including spill recovery and towing.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm.

The next Council meeting will be held on Thursday, May 5, 2011 at 6:00 pm.



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