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Sep 06 2013

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August 1, 2013 Town Council Meeting Minutes

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AUGUST 1, 2013



The August 1, 2013 Town of North Salem Council Meeting was called to order by Council President Mike Selch at 6:00 pm.


  1.  ROLL CALL:

Mike Selch, President – Present                ______________________________________

Mike Russell, Vice President – Absent    ______________________________________

Rebecca Compton, Member – Present   ______________________________________



Mike S. asked if there were any additions or corrections for the July minutes; there begin none, minutes were approved as written.


    1.  Legislators – Mark Doud, Director of Community Liaison for Congressman Todd Rokita, spoke about the various programs, etc., that may be available for North Salem.
    2. Water Main Repairs\Emergency Grant  – Mark stated that we are waiting on USDA; project will probably happen during Old Fashion Days.  Ken Smith, Municipal Civil Engineer Corp., stated that there will be a public meeting on August 8th to accept bids for water main repairs.   Our schedule is at the mercy of USDA.
    3. Water Tower – painting and inspection done.  Mark was told that the tower is in great shape for its age.
    4. Planning Grant – No update at this time.
    5. Town Truck & Dump Trailer – Mark presented Board with photo of flatbed that he would like to purchase for the town truck.  Mark will investigate further and report back next month. 
    6. Clean Up Properties – Notices were delivered\mailed earlier this week.  Bob Goldsmith was in attendance and addressed the Board regarding the notice that he received.  After much discussion, it was decided to re-visit the process for clean up notices.
    7. IACT Roundtable – Mike S. reported regarding the roundtable Council and Clerk Treasurer attended in Ladoga in July.
    8. SWOT – Rebecca gave a brief update on the SWOT meeting held last month.
    9. OFD 2013 – several representatives were in attendance to discuss progress of Old Fashion Days with the Board.  It is necessary for the OFD Committee to present Town with a certificate of insurance for the festival or the streets cannot be closed for the event.  They are working on this and should have what is needed in a couple of weeks.





August 1, 2013 Board Meeting Minutes – page 2




  1.  NEW ITEMS:
    1. Annexation Prep – Mike S. reported that he has spoken to the School Superintendent

 regarding annexation of the school; Mike will attend their Board Meeting August 13th.  Mike will also be going to the court house to research further.

b.  Emergency Code Notification – Rebecca reported that we would like to send a notice in the

     water bills in the next few months asking residents if they would like to receive notification

     regarding such things as water being shut off for leak repairs, etc.  If so, they can provide an

     email address or phone number to receive notices via email or text messaging or both.

     Preliminary notice will go with August water bills.

  1. 2014 Budget – Beth reported that she will be meeting with DLGF Rep in Danville August 8th.
  2.  IACT Annual Conference and Local Elected Officials Training – Mike S. reported that there are a few workshops he is interested in attending during the IACT Annual Conference in October.
  3. NSSB – Rebecca reported on the upcoming 90th anniversary of the North Salem State Bank

and the possible Bob Porter Memorial Fund they would like to initiate and kick off during their celebration.  She is working with Matt Howry on possible projects this fund could fund for North Salem (i.e. new walking park, green space, etc.).


    1.  Mark – no additional report.
    2. NSPD – for the record Mike S. presented a report from Marshal John Berry for July activities. 
    3. Rebecca wanted to report that someone was asking her about the hours of the Town Hall.  They are posted on the window and the office is closed for lunch however not always at the same time every day.
    4. Harold – no report.
    5. Beth – no report.


  1.  PUBLIC:

Eric Wathen, Banning Engineering, introduced himself and offered his services.  He is a life-long resident in the area and graduated from Tri – West.



There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:25 pm.  The next meeting will be September 5th at 6:00 pm.






Beth Russell, Clerk-Treasurer

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