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March 3, 2016 Town Council Meeting Minutes

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MARCH 3, 2016



The March 3, 2016 Town of North Salem Council Meeting was called to order by Council President Mike Selch at 6:00 pm.


Mike Selch, President – Present                    ______________________________________

Rebecca Compton, Vice President – Present             ______________________________________

Mike Russell, Member – Present                   ______________________________________


Mike S. asked if there were any additions or corrections to the February Council Meeting; there being none, minutes were approved unanimously as written.

  2. Equipment for Digital Recording – Mike S. is still working on this; tabled until next month.
  3. Eggers Alley Poles – Mark has been in contact with Centurylink and they do not see a problem with moving the poles – most likely this spring when the weather is good.
  4. Utility Rate Ordinance, 2nd Reading – Ordinance 2016-1 was reviewed setting the Water Meter Surcharge of $2.00 and the Waste Disposal Fee Surcharge of $3.00. These surcharges are set to begin with April’s billing. After some discussion, Rebecca made a motion to pass as written; Mike S. seconded; motion passed unanimously. The third and final reading will occur at April’s Council meeting.
  5. Unsafe Buildings, Clean Ups and Abandon Properties – A list of properties in question has been sent to the County for inspection.
  7. Eric Wathen – Was not in attendance.
  8. NS Grant Update from March 1 Deadline – We have received one grant application. Council will review, research and make a decision in May.
  9. Spring Ham & Bean Fund Raiser – Since the Lilly Endowment extended their matching grant program through the end of March, it was the month of March is very busy for everyone so it was decided to delay another fund raiser at this time.
  10. IACT – Webinar on Open Door Law taking place March 16th and also a free webinar March 23rd for the latest legislation updates.
  11. American Legal – Beth will contact American Legal and get pricing on adding Ordinance updates from 2015. It may be feasible to update on a bi-annual basis instead of every year.
  12. REPORTS:
  13. Mark – no report.
  14. NSPD – for the record, Mike S. presented the NSPD report for the month of February. Marshal Berry also reported that he will be doing a presentation for the PTO at the Elementary School with Officer Chuck Jones sometime in April.  He also reported that he is having some issues with the computer in his truck.











March 3, 2016 Board Meeting Minutes – page 2


  1. Rebecca wanted the board to know that she will be gone for the June meeting. She also reported that she has sent a letter to Purdue University asking if there was possibly a student or students who would like to take on a project of doing a “sidewalk audit” for us; she has also contacted the Boy Scouts of America to see if anyone would like take on the project of helping to design some walking trails for our park.  She has also been in contact with Jill Curry from OCRA regarding any possible grant money available for sidewalks and walking paths.  Rebecca would like us to have an ordinance or resolution in place for the future that states that if anyone comes into town and rehabs a property or builds must repair/replace sidewalks as well.  She will send information via email to Harold to develop.
  2. Harold Blake – State Board of Accounts is requiring all political subdivisions to adopt Uniform Internal Control Standards some time after June 30, 2016. Harold will work on getting a resolution together to present sometime in May or June.
  3. Clerk-Treasurer – no report.
  4. PUBLIC:
  5. Herb Miller was in attendance to discuss the possibility of adding benches outside of Perillo’s Restaurant for patrons to use while they are waiting for a table.  Council members stated that as long as they did not block the sidewalks there should not be a problem.  Mike S. told him that there are several benches at the Waste Water Treatment plant that needed to be repaired that he could use if he wanted to fix them.  Herb will speak with Mark about this.  Herb also asked about putting an open air shelter house on their property across the street from Perillo’s.  Council told him he needed to take plans to the County first.  If they deny permit, then he can appeal to the North Salem BZA.
  6. Doug Clodfelter – North Salem Waste Water Superintendent – Doug was in attendance to get permission from Council to try something different with sludge removal to hopefully save the town some money. After much discussion, Council gave the go ahead for his plan.  Doug also stated that the generator needs some repair work done.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6:50 pm.  The next Council Meeting will be April 7, 2016 at 6:00 pm.





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