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Apr 11 2017

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March 2017 Town Council Meeting Minutes

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MARCH 2, 2017



The March 2, 2017 Town of North Salem Council Meeting was called to order by Council President Rebecca Compton at 6:00 pm.



Rebecca Compton, President – Present               ______________________________________

Mike Russell, Vice President – Present                 ______________________________________

Jimmy Roberts, Member – Present                       ______________________________________



Council President Rebecca led with the Pledge of Allegiance; this was followed by a prayer from Pastor Greg Way, North Salem United Methodist Church.



Rebecca  asked if there were any additions or corrections to the February minutes; there being none, minutes were approved as written.


  2. Special Distribution SEA funds – two bids were presented to the Council. There was a discussion regarding the widening of North Nebraska Street and the legal right of way; Mark was unable to attend the meeting, but Kevin Basham was in attendance and said that they would do some research to make sure it’s all done correctly.  Jimmy  made a motion to except the bid from HASCO; Mike R. seconded; motion passed unanimously.  Paving will be done this spring.
  3. Update on Sidewalk Assessment – Rebecca reported that she still has the east/west roads to complete and State Road 75; she will not measure Crop and Short Streets as they are too narrow for sidewalks.
  4. Update on Main Streets Program – letters were mailed to about 40 residents – both in town and out of town and also all of the businesses and churches in town. We have received a pretty good response and hope to have several people attend the informational meeting set for March 20th at 6:00 pm here in the Town Hall.
  5. Update on County Clean Up – We have been working with Scott Butrum, Zoning Building Inspector with the County, on several properties in town. Progress is being made.


  2. Junk Vehicles – Rebecca reported that there is a resident in town who is willing to remove junk, non running and abandoned vehicles from properties here in town free of charge. After much discussion, it was decided that this would be something that would need to be between this individual and those who have vehicles to remove but it’s certainly a great idea.  Rebecca will discuss this further with this individual.  It was also decided that we could include a list of approved “vendors” on the Town Website.
  3. Heavy Trash Pickup – It was decided that we would schedule a curbside heavy trash pickup for the last Tuesday in April. This would be April 25th; Beth will contact Rays to set up and notice will go in the March and April water bills.  It was also suggested that we contact Hendricks Solid Waste


March 2017 Minutes – page 2


Management to see if it would be possible for us to schedule a “tox away day” to take place here in North Salem.  Beth will research and report back next month.


  2. Mark – no report.
  3. NSPD – For the record, Rebecca presented the NSPD report for the month of February. In addition, Marshal Berry stated that he the truck computer may need to have some work done; Rebecca suggested a person for him to contact.  Jimmy asked Marshal Berry if he could monitor Pearl Street down town as he has seen several speeders lately.
  4. Council – Rebecca asked the Council if it would be a good idea to maybe “spotlight” a Town Ordinance or two each month with an insert in the water bills. It has recently come to her attention that someone actually removed their sidewalk in front of their property and added parking.  This is a violation of a Town ordinance.  There are many many Town ordinances that most residents aren’t even aware of; after much discussion it was decided that spotlighting a couple of ordinances a month would be a great idea.  Marshal Berry will speak with this individual home owner regarding this matter.
  5. Harold Blake – no report.
  6. Clerk-Treasurer – no report.
  7. Other – We received two side walk grant applications. One is from a resident that currently has a “standing water” problem.  Since Mark was not in attendance, it was decided to discuss further when Mark was available.  Council members will review the applications and a decision will be made at the April meeting.


  1. PUBLIC:

There was a resident in attendance to discuss issues he has been having with neighbors complaining about his dogs barking and issues he was having with Marshal Berry.  Marshal Berry also commented on this ongoing issue.  After much discussion, Rebecca thanked him for attending and stated that the issues would be looked into.



There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:20 pm.  The next Council Meeting will be April 6th at 6:00 pm.






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